Real Cowboy’s See Nargles


I get asked quite often about Nargles name. 😀 Her name is from Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood says she can “see Nargles”.

Her registered name “Real Cowboys See Nargles” is in memory of my dad who passed away the year that I got her. I was “puppy sitting” Nargles with no intention of keeping her. He told me that I should keep her, and convinced me that she was the dog I needed. Needless to say I kept her and he was right. ❤️

Nargles is currently retired after a career ending elbow injury in Round 3 at the 2019 NADAC Championships.

2018 NADAC Elite Vet Medium Dog Champion  

2nd Place 2018 NADAC World Competition  

Speed Star Versatility

Speed Star NATCH

NATCH, Versatility NATCH, Grounders Versatility NATCH, Non-Jumping NATCH

Winner of 4 sashes at the 2015 NADAC Championships – Silverstakes Class 
Her video from the Silverstakes class at the 2015 NADAC Championships has over 2 million views on Facebook.

2013 NADAC Starter Stakes Champion

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