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Amanda Nelson’s Bio

Amanda Nelson is well known for her distance handling skills, and she has been traveling the country and teaching seminars for 20+ years. She has traveled around the world to Australia, Japan, Netherlands, England, Switzerland and the Philippines teaching all levels of agility, with nearly all dog breeds.  Amanda focuses on teaching teamwork as well as how to create a strong connection between dog and handler. She works with all styles of handling, from running with your dog to distance handling. Amanda tailors each training session, large or small, to the dog and handler to help bring out the best in the team. Her training techniques consist of a large amounts of targeting, food rewards, and toy rewards. Creating a fun learning environment for the dog encourages a fast, fun, and motivated dog in the agility ring. Amanda uses a combination of Upper Body Cues, Lower Body Cues, and Verbal Cues. This system was derived from the natural cues that most dogs read and pick up quickly. Handlers are taught how to use all of these cues, together, to create a customized handling system that can be tailored to their unique dog. All of these techniques have resulted in Amanda earning numerous titles with her dogs including Silver, Gold, and Purple MOD SQUAD awards, Purple Achievement Cup, and over 50 NADAC Championship titles. She has won the NADAC Championships multiple times, including winning the Super Stakes and Starter Stakes division. She has also been Top Bonus Dog, Top Purple Dog, and Top Dog of the Year several times in NADAC.

Amanda was the first Junior Handler to earn a NATCH, V-NATCH and JH-NATCH as well as the first Junior to earn Top Dog of the year and 1000, 2000,3000 and 4000 points. She was the first (and only) handler to earn three NATCHes in all three Divisions. (Standard, Veterans and Junior Handlers)

She is also the first handler to earn the 1000, 2000,3000,4000,5000,6000, 7000, 8000 & 9000 point award.

Amanda has filmed two training videos for Dog Sports Video, that were released in the spring of 2006, and she also filmed a Superstakes Training video (the first of its kind) in 2011.

Amanda has also written many training articles for Clean Run magazine, and Dog Sport Magazine, as well as teaching numerous online classes for Clean Run, Agility University, and Fenzi Dog Sports. 

Amanda also has a passion for canine fitness, massage, acupressure and nutrition. She is a FitPaws Master Trainer, as well as a TotoFit Fitness trainer. She has also completed her training for Canine Massage from Northwest School of Animal Massage, and Acupressure training from Tallgrass Acupressure for Small Animals. Amanda has also completed her studies of Advanced Herbology from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, and studied Reiki, Reflexology, and Bach Flower.  

Amanda has also been studying canine nutrition for the past 15 years and has always had a passion for helping others select the best food that works for them and their dog.

Past Fluid Motion Dogs

Click for Try, Mardi, and Sunny

Jimmy Steele’s Bio

Jimmy and Amanda met in 2014, while Jimmy had grown up with dogs and working on a ranch, he knew nothing of dog training. In September of 2014 Jimmy rescued Trip at the NADAC Championships and trained him using the Fluid Motion Training system. Jimmy has had amazing success with his first dog and her earned multiple NATCHes, Speed Stars, Bonuses, as well as earning 2nd place and earning a Distance cup at the 2019 NADAC Championships and 3rd in Superstakes at the 2021 NADAC Championships.


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