Dynamic PEMF

Dynamic PEMF & Fascial Release

Amanda has been offering canine massage and acupressure sessions for 20+ years. She has studied and trained under some of the most esteemed therapists in the country.

Amanda earned her main certification for canine massage through Northwest School of Animal Massage. She studied Canine Acupressure through the Tallgrass School of Acupressure.

A new addition to her sessions is PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy. She is certified through the MagnaWave academy as well as studying and working with PEMF machines for multiple years before purchasing her own machine.

Amanda has since developed a system of Dynamic PEMF, which incorporates movement, traction, and Myo-Fascial release.

Amanda currently offers Massage, Acupressure, and Dynamic PEMF sessions locally in Eastern Oregon/Southern Idaho, as well as at trials she is attending throughout the country. Equine PEMF sessions are also available at the Rafter KD Ranch in Parma, ID.

Trigger Point & PEMF Calendar

  • May 19-21 – Whitefish, MT – Glacier Chasers NADAC Trial
  • May 27-29 – Stevensville, MT – ARRTI NADAC Trial
  • June 9-10 – Rafter KD Ranch Sorting Clinic
  • June 16-18 – Polson, MT – Dirty Dogs NADAC Trial
  • July 21-23 – Sheridan, WY – NADAC Agility Trial

Appointment Booking

You can use the form below to get on the list for a session at an upcoming event. Because of the nature of trials/competitions, specific times cannot be chosen for the session. Pre-Booking for a session will give you priority over “walk up” sessions, and if you would like to request a session before the trial starts, or after it ends, please make a note below and I will contact you if that will be possible or not.

Intake and Consent forms

Dogs and Horses – Bodywork Intake & Consent Form


Canine Massage Certifications:

  • Northwest School of Animal Massage – Foundation and Performance Massage Program
  • Equissage – Canine Program
  • Clayton College of Natural Health – Canine Natural Health Program (Massage included)
  • Pet Massage Institute

Bodywork Certifications and Education

  • PEMF Therapy from MagnaWave – Fully certified for Humans, Small Animals, & Equines
  • Holistic Animal Therapies – Canine Myo-Facsial Release and Canine Craino-Sacral Therapy (Completing Summer 2023)
  • Northwest School of Animal Massage – Manual Ligament Therapy – Canine Program
  • Tallgrass Animal Acupressure
  • FitPaws Canine Fitness – CCFT
  • Totofit Canine Fitness
  • Animal Reiki – Private Training
  • Essential Oils for Animal
  • Reflexology for Dogs

Amanda’s Bodywork Education

I first became interested in massage in the late 90’s when I was a teenager. At that time I was running my Border Collie, Chance and I wanted to understand how I could help her be less sore at the end of a trial weekend.

I bought every book I could get my hands on at the time (which were very few) when I found that I couldn’t find many canine massage books, I started looking into equine massage and applying those techniques to dogs.

I started offering free canine massages at local trials as a way to further my experience and education. My Dad bought me my first massage table when I was around 20 years old and he saw how passionate I was about it.

I enrolled in every online canine massage class I could as they started becoming popular, and took private lessons with a human massage therapist as well. Any canine or equine bodyworker that would let me ask questions and learn from them I did. I took multiple equine massage classes, as well as human.

As bodywork became more and more popular over the years with performance dogs, I studied everything I could. Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine really intrigued me and I instantly fell in love with using acupressure for agility dogs. Combining it with massage produced amazing results.

I am always wanting to expand my education, so I studied everything I could; canine massage for rehabilitation, canine fitness, manual ligament therapy (MLT), kinesiology taping, cold laser, craniosacral, nutrition, and more.

Massage, Acupressure, and Bodywork is one of my passions (along with canine nutrition and agility!) and I love working with dogs and seeing improvements with each session.

Fluid Motion Bodywork Picture Gallery

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