Welcome to Fluid Motion Agility and Wellness, home to  Amanda Nelson agility training, coaching, and wellness.   Located in Ontario, Oregon,  Amanda has been involved in the dog world for over 30 years, and she currently travels the country coaching agility teams, and teaching seminars with a focus on teamwork, connection, and commitment skills. 

Please contact Amanda if you are interested in hosting a seminar.  

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What People are Saying:

“I have been happy to work with Amanda on multiple occasions. I had a non traditional, motivationally challenged breed (a Frenchie). Amanda helped us build speed, confidence and distance. She is excellent with working at every level and with every type of teams- from super fast Border Collies to French Bulldogs. Her skills as an instructor are excellent. She is able to break each skill down so the team is successful. Highly recommend.”Lori K.

Want to learn how to help build your team’s connection, teamwork, and confidence? Come learn Online or In-Person with Amanda and Jimmy!

What People are Saying:

“I have taken several seminars with Amanda with different dogs, and one of the reasons to work with her is that she always meets you where you are and guides you with a combination of knowledge, confidence, and humor. Every time she offers a seminar close to me, I try to attend because I always gain new skills for my skill box and new ways of thinking. Amanda also continues to evolve as a trainer and handler, which not many do, and which I appreciate. Finally, I what I respect the most about her training and why I would unequivocally recommend her to anyone at any level with any skill set and any dog, is that her approach to training is centered around the belief that training is a partnership that is built on trust.” Kris D.

Thoughts on Dog Food

Throughout all my years with dogs I am pretty sure I have fed everything under the sun. Budget kibble, high end kibble, commercial raw, dehydrated, DIY cooked, and raw, grain, grain free, and combinations of all the above. I compete in agility with all my dogs, and over the years I have found that for…

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Fluid Motion Agility focuses on helping build Connection, Confidence and Teamwork, both in and out of the agility ring.

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