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A list of some of the things I use with my dogs that I love!

Back on Track

I have used Back on Track for my dogs and myself for well over 10 years. I have seen amazing results with all of their products and credit my dogs physical health to using their products.

I highly recommend their mesh coats for dogs, and their jackets for people.

I am very honored to have been chosen as one of their 2023 Ambassadors!

Website –

FarmHounds Treats and Chews

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I found Farmhounds when I was looking for a better quality bully stick for my dogs. I quickly fell in love with their products and now have monthly subscriptions for their chews and treats!

I use their strips for training treats, as well as using their Food Toppers in my dogs enrichment toys, and as a topper on their food.

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Steve’s Real Food

I have been using Steves Real Food as my raw food of choice for my dogs for many years. I have used many different raw brands and I always come back to Steves, they are a great quality food and great company.

The frozen nuggets are easy to use, and easy to travel with. I prefer a raw food that has been HPP processed for my dogs, and I also like the addition of Green Lipped Mussel to their food as an Anti-inflammatory.

I use their Beef and Turducken formula the most, but I rotate between all the proteins.


Simple Food Project and Herbsmith

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I have been using Simple Food Project as a topper and sometimes as full meals for all of my dogs for about 5 years now. My dogs go crazy for it every time, and I love the quality and transparency of the company.

Dr. Chris Bessent created both Simple Food and Herbsmith. I have been using the different formulation of the Herbsmith supplements for many years depending on my dogs needs. My favorites are Nutrients, July Third, Pure Krill, and Comfort Aches.

Use code “FLUIDMOTION” for 10% off Herbsmith or Simple Food Project.

K9 Power Supplements

I first found K9 Power well over 10 years ago when I was looking for a muscle health supplement for Try. I found K9 Power’s Super Fuel and it made all the difference for Try during her career as well as keeping her healthy as a senior.

I have used K9 Power’s supplements off and on over the years and every time I switched, I could never find anything that gave me quite the same results as K9 Power. My dogs are currently using their Total K9 every day, and the Super Fuel & Go Dog during trial season. The Total K9 is the best “all in one” supplement I have found, and I can proudly say my dogs have never looked better!

PetReleaf CBD

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PetReleaf CBD oils have been a complete life saver for Trip. I had tried many different brands with zero success for Trip’s anxiety when traveling. After meeting PetReleaf at SuperZoo in 2019 I tried their Daily Releaf oil and it was a night and day difference for Trip! I now use their oils with all my dogs, for daily health, inflammation, and for Trip, anxiety.

I also love their Edibites and new Sentesa Supplement!

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APF is another long time supplement I have used for both my dogs and myself. The blend of herbs helps with stress and I have also seen an improvement in my dogs endurance and recovery rate when using this. I have been using APF for myself for years and can always feel a difference when I don’t take it for a while. I have probably been using APF for around 15 years now, it is a staple in my dogs supplement mix!

The Puzzle Feeder

I was sent The Puzzle Feeder was sent to me in December of 2022 to try out and give feedback on. I really enjoy these bowls as not only a slow feeder, but an enrichment feeder as well.

You can view my blog post and review of the Puzzle Feeder at this link: The Puzzle Feeder Review

You can order The Puzzle Feeder on their website and use my code “lovepet01” for 10% off.

The Puzzle Feeder Website

West Paw Toys

West Paw is one of the main companies I use for my dogs enrichment toys, puzzles, and bowls. I use the Toppls for my dogs meal time enrichment, as well as the Rumbls as a puzzle for dried food. (I put Simple Food Project in the Rumbls)

Denice Langley Custom Leather Leashes

Denice goes above and beyond in her custom leather work! She can custom make just about any kind of collar, leash, or slip leash for your dog. She does amazing detail that I have never seen anywhere else! She hand made all of the silver accents on my collars (you can see Wall-E’s on the left) as well as hand tooled all of the leather details. I highly recommend!!

More Dog Food Brands I like

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