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Practice the Positive!

I don’t want those thoughts of “all the things that went wrong” to occupy my headspace for the rest of the trial. Because if I let that happen, it will continue to loop for the rest of the day and each run could continue to loop those negative thoughts. 

Wall-E border whippet

Troubleshooting Your Start Line

I feel that most dogs with start line issues are lacking full understanding of the criteria. Add in, that some dogs also have issues handling over arousal, and that can be a mixture that causes dogs not holding their start line, bolting out of the leash, creeping, etc. 

Who I Am

Bodywork is my passion and this table has been with me through thick and thin.


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About Me

Amanda not only has a passion for training dogs and coaching handlers, but also for canine health and nutrition. This blog covers a wide variety of topics, from nutrition to competing in agility.

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