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Feeding for our Mental Health

Feeding our dogs and dog food in general is a very emotional topic. With all the different options to feed our dogs and so many polarizing opinions on what is “best” for our dogs, choosing not only what kind of food, but what brand. But what I want to talk about is not how to…

Winter Rest and Play

Winter has officially started at my house here in Eastern Oregon, which means outside training time for my dogs has greatly decreased.  While we still go outside for play time and daily exercise, with the off and on rain/snow, any agility training is off the table until spring.  For my dogs I enjoy having some…

Fluid Motion Cue Series – Out 101

The biggest thing to keep in mind with teaching Out, or any directional cue, is confidence. Your first priority should be building your dogs confidence in that skill. Proof that skill with varying handling positions, and adding distance. If you take the time to really proof and build your dogs confidence at this foundation level,…


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Amanda not only has a passion for training dogs and coaching handlers, but also for canine health and nutrition. This blog covers a wide variety of topics, from nutrition to competing in agility.

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