J-Bar’s Trip


Earned in 2022 –

Triple Superior Speed Star, Speed Star #2

Earned in 2021 –

3rd place in the highly competitive Super Stakes class at NADAC Championship

NATCH #4 , V-NATCH #3, All-Around NATCH #2

Trip also earned 16 Regular 30 Point Bonuses all in a row.

Earned in 2020 – 
NATCH #3, V-NATCH #2, All-Around NATCH 
Platinum Speed Star 
Elite Triple Superior

Earned in 2019 – 
Winner of the Starter Stakes Distance Cup, the only dog in the class to earn this.  
Highest Number of Bonus Points in the Starter Stakes Division 
2nd Place Overall 

Earned in 2018 – 
NATCH, Speed Star Versatility
6th overall in his first year competing in the Stakes class, earning four consecutive sashes.

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