People who know me, also know that i LOVE moving waits! Both my dogs Nargles and Try are taught moving waits right at the beginning of their agility career. I use them almost all the time, training and trialing both.

A moving wait is great for building confidence in dogs as well as working on impulse control for dogs who need that as well.

I play the wait game with both Nargles and Try all the time, when i first started it i train them alone first and then start working them together.

Before i start playing this game with them i want to make sure they both fully understand what “wait” means.

You will also see in the clip that i release both of the dogs with their names, i do this so that i don’t end up with both the dogs releasing when i say “Okay”.  They know to go get the toy when they hear their name.

I started teaching a moving wait to both Nargles and Try when they were puppies, along with the other TEAM training games, it started teaching them confidence skills as well as impulse control.

Currently in the works at Fluid Motion Agility is a mini series covering how i teach the moving wait, the mini series will be available to everyone through the Fluid Motion Youtube channel.

In the meantime i have uploaded a clip talking about a game that i use in my TEAM Training program and is also one of the ways i use my moving wait to teach impulse control.


Published by Amanda Nelson

I provide agility training, and coaching online and in-person. I also run a blog and vlog about agility training and canine wellness.

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