Fluid Motion Command Series – Tight

Fluid Motion Command Series – Tight I will be writing a series of articles giving an overview on how I teach my directional commands. In the first of the series I will be discussing how I teach Tight. Tight for my dogs means for them to turn as tight as they can toward me, whereContinue reading “Fluid Motion Command Series – Tight”

And….Wait! Again!

I had posted a previous blog about how I use the Moving Wait as the core of my distance training as well as using it for impulse control, this post will expand on that concept.  https://fmagility.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/and-wait/ So one of the first things my dog’s learn as puppies is to do a Moving Wait, it isContinue reading “And….Wait! Again!”

The secret to my success

First lets define “success”,  everyone has a different idea of what success means to them. For some it may be earning a title, winning a championship, running a course clean or just getting past obstacle two. Just because one’s person’s idea of success may be to win the championships doesn’t mean that the other person’sContinue reading “The secret to my success”