Amanda Nelson Virtual Seminar - June 5-7 2020
  • Amanda Nelson Virtual Seminar - June 5-7 2020
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Amanda Nelson Virtual Seminar - June 5-7 2020

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Its a seminar you can watch from home! Amanda will be streaming lectures and demos for a virtual seminar on June 5-7 2020!

The seminar will be held in a private Facebook Group (unless a non Facebook option can be found)

All of the lectures/demos will be previously recorded. Over the weekend Amanda will release the lectures for everyone to view. (the links are yours to keep forever)

Live Q&A options will be available only to those who are members of Amanda's Patreon group (monthly subscription group)

Amanda will be discussing:

Discriminations - Foundations - Discriminations - Advanced - Weave Pole Proofing - Using Toys and Food in Agility - Adding Fresh to your Dog's food and More!

There is no set price for this seminar. This is a very difficult time right now, money is tight, and because of that, this seminar is on a "pay what you can schedule"

If you would like to take part in the Live Q&A sessions over the weekend, as well as submit videos for feedback, you can subscribe to Amanda's Patreon group for access to all of that as well as all of the past downloads, videos, chats, and lectures in the group!

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