Amanda offers multiple webinars with topics ranging from foundation training, to wellness, to advanced agility handling and analysis.

All webinars are streamed through Youtube and include diagrams, video examples, and live lecture from Amanda and Jimmy. After the webinar you will be sent a link to the recording of the entire webinar as well as the handouts and downloads.

Below is information and sign ups for upcoming webinars, you can also check out the Fluid Motion Calendar at the bottom of the page for pending webinars on the calendar.

**Note: if you are a member of the Fluid Motion Patreon group, you have access to all of these webinars as part of your monthly subscription.**

Upcoming Webinars

Feb 3rd 2021 4pm PST – Topic: Bonus Handling

In this webinar Amanda and Jimmy will discuss some of the differences with Bonus style or Big Distance handling. We will be going over various NADAC courses and talking about them from a bonus perspective, how we would handle them, challenges that are present for big distance handling and more.

All webinars are streamed through Youtube and everyone signed up may ask questions during the live portion. If you are not able to attend the live portion, the webinar will be recorded and sent to everyone who signed up.

Please note, if you are a Patreon member in either the Working or Private Coaching tier, this webinar is available to you as part of your membership. Please check the Patreon site for the webinar link info.

Please use the button below to sign up!

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