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Fluid Motion Webinars

Every webinar is live streamed through ClickMeeting and recorded for later viewing. If you are unable to attend live you can still purchase the webinar and the recording will be sent within 24 hours of the live stream.

Those who attend the live stream can ask unlimited questions during the webinar!

If you are part of the Fluid Motion Coaching Group, you will have access to the webinars as part of your membership.

Upcoming Webinars

Date & TimeTopic
Dates: TBASVirtual Seminar – Topics: Commitment, Discriminations, Weave Pole Proofing, & more to be announced
Upcoming Webinars

Webinar Information and Registration

Dates: TBA – Live Virtual Seminar

During this 2-day seminar Amanda and Jimmy will be discussing multiple topics, including:

  • Commitment
  • Discriminations – Foundation & Advanced
  • Weave Pole Proofing
  • Cue Timing
  • And more to be announced

The seminar will consist of lecture portions and live demos from Jimmy and Amanda. There will also be an option for a limited number of participants to work their dogs virtually during the seminar as well. Amanda and Jimmy will be able to offer live advice to working participants while they are working on the exercise.

(Participants must be able to have a computer or phone that will run ClickMeeting and the ability to live stream working their dogs on the exercises.)

Registration and Payment for Upcoming Webinars

Past Webinars

All past webinar recordings are available through the Fluid Motion Coaching Group. You can sign up at the lowest plan (Auditing plan – $10 per month) and have full access to every Fluid Motion Webinar that has ever been recorded!

Joining the group also gives you full access to all of the Live Chats done within the group as well, some of the topics include:

  • Dog Path/Lines
  • Forward Focus and Drive
  • Slow Feeder Pros and Cons
  • Performance Dog Food/Nutrition/Supplements
  • Form and Function on Contacts
  • Reward Markers
  • Live Unedited Training Sessions
  • and more!

Fluid Motion Coaching Group

Multiple on demand classes, live chats, lectures, training series, lessons from foundations to championships!

Below is a list of past webinars currently available in the group:

Adding Fresh Foods to Commerical Diets

In this webinar Amanda discusses choosing a Commerical diet that works for your dog, and how to add fresh food.

Building Independence and Confidence (Distance Foundation Skills)

In this webinar Amanda uses Ally and Wall-E to demo her methods for building confidence and independence with different obstacles. This webinar is a blend of lecture and live work with her dogs, she will show what to do when mistakes happen and how to progress through the steps.

Why the Distance is Last

Amanda and Jimmy lecture about why they teach distance skills “last” and the core of the Fluid Motion Distance program.

Building Confidence and Connection

During this webinar Amanda will be discussing how she builds confidence and connection in her dogs through games, creating trust between handler and dog, and high rate of reinforcement.

Consistent Contacts

During this webinar Amanda will be discussing her contact training method from foundations to competition. She will go over how why she chooses this particular method, what to look for when training, body position and form, as well as how to adapt this method to what works best for each handler and dog.

Cue Timing and Connection

This webinar discusses the timing of your cues, and how to stay connected with your dog while on course. She will also discusses defining your cues.

Course Analysis

During this webinar Amanda will go over multiple NADAC courses and discuss dog path/lines, different handling options and the path they create.

Super Stopped Contacts (2018)

This webinar from 2018 goes over how Amanda trains her contacts from beginning to end. She also discusses form on the contacts, and weight shifting.

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