Fluid Motion Sponsorship

Fluid Motion Sponsorship Information and Application

June – January Fluid Motion Sponsorship Members!

Introducing the June-Jan Fluid Motion Sponsorship Program Members! We had an overwhelming number of applications come in and it was hard to choose from so many great ones!

Beginner/Novice Sponsorship – Emma Morton and Courtney Williams!

Elite Sponsorship – Melissa Shukis!

Melissa Shukis

Stakes Sponsorship – Becki Umberger!

Becki Umberger

Applications are Closed

They will open again December 2022 for January – June 2023 Sponsorship

The Fluid Motion Sponsorship program is open to all handlers and dogs who apply, but only one handler/dog teams per category are chosen every six months. Those in the sponsorship program will have access to private coaching with Amanda, membership into the Fluid Motion Coaching Group, and more. Those in the program may have videos they submit used on the Fluid Motion website and social media channels, as well as in future Fluid Motion lessons and classes.

There is no fee required to apply for a sponsorship and it is 100% online!

If you are chosen to be sponsored by Fluid Motion:

A sponsorship with Fluid Motion is an intense 6 month program where Amanda and Jimmy will coach you on Handing, Timing, Mechanics, Obstacle Commitment, Handler Focus, Dog Path Analysis, Course Analysis, and more.

Full access to the Fluid Motion Coaching group

Videos and pictures used on Fluid Motion media channels as well as on the Fluid Motion website and future lessons and classes in the Fluid Motion Coaching group.

Those in the program will be expected to actively participate in the Coaching group, submit videos, take part in classes, chats, etc.

Beginner/Foundation Sponsorship

Each enrollment period, Amanda accepts one Beginner/Foundation dog.

Beginner/Foundation Sponsorships are open to dogs who are in the Novice level or lower. This sponsorship is also open to puppies 10 weeks and older.

The focus of the Beginner/Foundation Sponsorship will be on building a strong core of Fluid Motion style foundations for both the handler and dog. Focusing on building confidence, strong foundation skills, strong obstacle skills, and more. (this will be tailored to the age of the dog, we will not be asking puppies/young dogs to do equipment or sequences. All lessons and exercises will be created with the age of the dog in mind)

Elite/Advanced Sponsorship

Each enrollment period Amanda accepts one Elite/Advanced Level dog.

Elite/Advanced Sponsorships are open to dogs who are competing in the Open level or above.

The focus of the Elite/Advanced Sponsorship will be on handling, timing, course analysis, building confidence for more distance, and more.

Stakes Sponsorship

Each enrollment period Amanda accepts one Stakes dog

Stakes sponsorships are open to dogs who have earned at least two Regular Bonuses or Distance challenges in the past year. Dogs who have not earned the above but would like to apply for Sponsorship must submit three videos of bonus attempts from the past two years. (do not have to be successful)

The focus of the Stake sponsorship will be on Handling/Timing for distance work, evaluating a course for distance work, building confidence for bigger distances, consistent handling/verbals, and more.

Applications are closed

They will open again in December 2022 for January – June 2023 Sponsorship

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