Commitment and Cues Workshop – Knoxville, MD – June 23rd-24th 2022

Seminar Information

During this seminar covering Cues and Commitment and Chances Skills/Drills , Amanda and Jimmy will be covering how they use their verbal and body language cues, as well as how they teach commitment skills. (And why Cues and Commitment go together!) They will also be setting multiple Chances courses, discussing handling timing, course analysis, and how to use pressure for Chances distance.

Multiple exercises will be set up throughout the weekend working on various skills to fine tune the handler and dog teams on their cues, timing, distance work, and more! Amanda and Jimmy will discuss course analysis, handing strategy, pressure, body cues, and more!

Working and Auditing Spot Information

Working Spots are limited to 12 dogs

Auditing Spots are unlimited 

Working spots are $150 per day or $250 for both 

Auditing Spots are $50 per day or $75 for both

If you are a member of the Fluid Motion Coaching group you can attend the workshop at these reduced rates: 

(must have been a member for a minimum of two months before the seminar) 

Working Spot (FMC Member) – $125 per day or $200 for both 

Auditing Spot (FMC Member) $40 per day or $60 for both 

A deposit of $50 will be required for working spot to hold your place in the seminar. (auditors do not need to pay a deposit) The remainder of the seminar fee will be due at the seminar. After signing up via the registration form below, an invoice will be sent for the deposit.

Facility/Site Information

There will be a two day NADAC trial held at the same facility as the seminar, you can find directions and hotel information in the premium. You can also use this link to enter the NADAC trial.

Knoxville, MD Seminar Registration Form

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