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ConnectionThrough foundation, and game exercises we create a strong connection between you and your dog.

TeamworkWith connection comes teamwork, you reading what your dog needs, and your dog knowing what you need.

ConfidenceConfidence is the heart and soul of all my training with my dogs and my students. If you have Connection, Teamwork, and Confidence. Anything is possible.

What People are Saying:

Kristi A.

I’ve taken two seminars and a couple of one-off classes from Amanda, and would sign up for another in a second! I really appreciate that she takes the time to explain the “why” of things, not just “do this”. When your dog does something wrong, she doesn’t just tell you why. Instead, she frames it as a question to make you think critically to understand your role as the handler and what you did to cause the mistake. I’ve learned a ton from her, and look forward to future seminars.

Kathryn H.

I love working with Amanda. She is thoughtful, shapes her work to the individual dog, understands building the dog’s confidence as the foundation for anything and everything we do with our dogs, and is clear in her communications to the human on how to help the dog. I have only one complaint… that she is too far away. I’d love to work with her in person a whole lot more!

Rena B.

I am a member of Amanda’s Patreon group. I love the video reviews, it’s much different than the common typed responses that I’ve gotten from other training groups. In addition, she let me bug her for a whole weekend at a trial. 😃. It’s been a personalized experience that I haven’t gotten in the many online courses I have taken!

Fluid Motion Virtual Seminar July 6-7

All proceeds from this seminar will go towards Nargles veterinary bills.

Amanda and Jimmy will be teaching a virtual seminar that will be streamed through Youtube and through a private Facebook group, giving you multiple different ways to watch! There will also be a private website for all participants that will include written lectures, video links, and more!

Can’t make the live portions? No problem! All sessions will be recorded so all participants can watch anytime!

There will be morning sessions and evening sessions, with a Q&A/ lecture and live working sessions for each.

Each session will focus on a specific topic as Amanda and Jimmy work through the exercises included in the session and as well as trouble shooting.

All participants can ask questions during any of the demo portions as well as the lecture portions! Participants can also submit videos of themselves working through the exercises with their own dogs from July 6th -13th!

If you are a Patreon member in the Working tier or higher, this seminar is included in your membership, you do NOT need to sign up below. Patreon members can also submit videos for review from this seminar with no time limits.

You can choose to sign up for one day only, or for both days at a discounted price. Topics for each day are below as well as the sign up button. Please contact us if you have any questions!

All proceeds from this virtual seminar will be going towards Nargles veterinary bills. On July 15th Amanda came home to Nargles unable to walk and in pain, she has been diagnosed with Meningitis and we are currently taking things one day at a time while the amazing vets at Four Rivers work through the cause and treatment options.

Tuesday Topics:

AM Topic:

Dog Lines and Pressure

What is pressure and how do we use it in agility? During this session Amanda and Jimmy will discuss how pressure is used for not only distance work, but any style of handling! They will also discuss dog lines and how your dog approaches obstacles can define the cue needed for that line.

PM Topic:

Handling through a Box

Do you have trouble handling through a box? Do you sometimes push your dog to the wrong obstacle? Or pull them in? In this session Amanda and Jimmy will discuss how to use pressure and dog lines to handle your way through any kind of box you see on course!

Wednesday Topics:

AM Topic:

Obstacle Commitment

Details coming soon

PM Topic:

Clarifying your Cues

Details coming soon

Virtual Seminar – Both Days

Sign up for the Fluid Motion Virtual Seminar – Both Days Both days all topics


Virtual Seminar – Saturday Only

Sign up for the Fluid Motion Virtual Seminar – Saturday Only Topics: AM: Dog Lines PM: Handling through a Box


Virtual Seminar – Sunday Only

Sign up for the Virtual Seminar – Sunday Only Topics: AM: Commitment PM: Cues


It has been requested that there be a donation option for Nargles. I can never thank everyone enough for thinking of her and helping us through this. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts.
Amanda, Jimmy, and Nargles

This link can be used for donations towards Nargles, thank you all so much!

Fluid Motion Patreon Monthly Training Group

What is the Fluid Motion Patreon Group? 

Get exclusive access to training videos, lectures, live events, and more! When you join you don’t just get access to the current months videos, articles, and live events, you can also view ALL past months training information and discussions! 

You can join this group anytime and cancel anytime as well! 
​Each month members of all tiers will have access to exclusive videos and lectures from both Amanda and Jimmy, from training to course reviews and analysis.  Those in the Working and Private Coaching tiers also have access to unedited training videos from Amanda and Jimmy as they work their own dogs. 

Here is what Lori B. has to say about the Patreon group:

I signed up for Amanda’s Patreon group during the pandemic. There is so much information available! We definitely had plenty of awesome exercises to do while staying home. I really really enjoyed it. She is so helpful on an individual level. And most of all she cares about your dog! If she thinks something is too much or just not working she’ll tell you! She doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. She’s honest and I think that is very important! If your looking for a lot of great information, some great fun, and a good time give Patreon a try!!!
Members of this group also have access to multiple downloads including past webinars with topics like Contact Training Foundations, Cues and Connection, Course Analysis, Teaching Back and more! As well as articles covering distance foundations, commitment, and discriminations. 

Members also have access to full 6 week classes from Amanda!  (These classes are self paced!)
​Current Classes available: 
Consistent Contacts 
​Intro to Directionals 

Intro to Distance

The Auditing tier lets you view all of the materials and discussions, but you cannot participate, the Working Spot Tier lets you view everything, post a limited amount of videos for feedback, and view unedited training videos, And the Private Coaching Tier gives you unlimited posting abilities,  exclusive access to Amanda for training plans and help, and access to Amanda’s private training journal.

In-Person Training with Amanda

Fluid Motion Training Field

Amanda offers private lessons at her training field in Ontario, OR (about an hour west of Boise, ID) Semi-Privates or small workshops can also be arranged. 

1 Hour Lessons – $60 

1/2 Hour Lessons – $30

Amanda will only be offering foundation lessons and workshops for 2021, small sequences may be set, but the focus of all her lessons will be on helping you and your dog build a strong foundation. 


There are currently no workshops planned for 2021

Amanda’s Seminar Calendar

Here is what Donna W. says about working with Amanda:

Amanda’s seminars are fun, interesting, motivational, and I always left feeling so much better about myself and my dogs relationships (I have attended several through the years with different dogs). She makes sure she provides individual specialized attention to each participant but everyone can glean helpful ideas from watching others. If you have the opportunity to attend an Amanda Nelson seminar do it! Memories are waiting to be made!”

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Clean Run Learning Center

Amanda also teaches exclusive classes and webinars through Clean Run’s Online Learning Center.

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