Online Classes & Coaching with Amanda Nelson

Online Workshops

Amanda offers online lectures and live training sessions via a Facebook private group. The Online workshops vary in length depending on the topic.  

During the online workshops Amanda will post multiple videos on the topic, as well as some written lectures. There will also be at least one live video for real time questions and answers. (Depending on the length of the workshop, there may be multiple live Q&A sessions) 

Below are the upcoming Online Workshops 

Online Workshop - Proofing Contacts
  • Online Workshop - Proofing Contacts
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Online Workshop with Amanda Nelson - Proofing Contacts!

This workshop will cover how Amanda proofs her contact criteria with her older (competing in Elite) dogs Ally and Trip. She will also be showing how she is starting Wall-E (1 Year old) on the aframe and starting to proof his criteria at the bottom.

Though not discussed during this workshop, Amanda will also upload her breakdown of how she teaches her contact behavior.

This workshop will start on Aug 16th and end on Aug 19th, everyone may ask questions in the group, post videos, and view all content starting on the 16th.

The group will remain open for 1 month after the workshop is open for students to continue to view/download materials.

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Online Coaching

Looking to tune up your handling? 

Want some help with that tricky sequence from the trial last weekend? 

Or just want someone to bounce ideas off of? 

And online coaching session with Amanda might be just what you need!  Online coaching can be done via email, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype.  

Students can pick different coaching lengths depending on their need, if you are unsure of how much time to book, please contact Amanda! 


Upcoming Online Classes

Beyond One More Step

From the Clean Run Learning Center

Breakdown those common sequences you find on course and learn to add distance to them! Building confidence, commitment, and cue timing! 

One More Step Webinar Plus

On Demand Distance Webinar with Amanda Nelson and Brenna Fender