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Looking to tune up your handling? 

Want some help with that tricky sequence from the trial last weekend? 

Or just want someone to bounce ideas off of? 

With the Run Review/Online Coaching option you can submit a video (Either 3, 6, or 12 minute maximum) for Amanda to review and critique. This video can be runs from a trial, training sessions, or a combo of both! 

Amanda will review the video and use a combination of coach's eye and screen cast to pause, slow motion, and give commentary. She will then upload the video to Youtube for you to review, and the link will be viewable only for you forever! (if you wish to download the review video, Amanda can also send it to you that way) 


Run Review/Online Coaching - Follow up Video
  • Run Review/Online Coaching - Follow up Video
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If you have already submitted a video and Amanda has reviewed and sent suggestions , you can submit a followup video on the same subject for a followup review.

Please note, this followup is only if you have previously submitted a video and would like more help on the SAME TOPIC as the previous video.

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