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Intro to Distance Online Class - Fenzi Dog Sports Academy 


During this class, Amanda will be teaching her foundation training system that she uses with all of her dogs for distance skill training.  

She will be going over all of her ground work exercises that teach a strong connection between dog and handler. These exercises also teach the dog confidence, which is crucial to distance work. 
Students will learn how to apply pressure and when to apply pressure for distance work as well as close up work. 
All of these exercises will focus on the groundwork skills needed for more advanced distance work that we will cover in the Advanced Distance and Directionals class. 

Whether you have a young dog just starting their agility career or a more advanced dog that you would like to increase their distance skills, this class will teach a solid foundation for fast, fun distance work! 

This is a foundations class that will not be using a lot of equipment and will be working on building confidence with groundwork and cone exercises. 

Click here for a sample lecture from this class - Sample Lecture 

Handlers Choice Online Class - Fenzi Dog Sports Academy     


What we learn in this class is all up to you! :-D Gold spots can pick a topic of their choice to work on over the 6 weeks of class. 

Topics will need to be kept in the agility skills spectrum, such as obstacle skills, sequencing, distance work, etc. 

**Please Note** There are no lectures in this class! I will be working with each Gold student individually on the topic of their choice, I will be using a combination of written responses, and video demos/lectures. 

Please click on the following link for more information on this class:  Handlers Choice 


Simple Pet Food

I am very excited to be part of the Simple Pet Food project team! I have been loving their food and my dogs have been loving it as well!  You can click on the following link to check out their food and save 10% on your order by using the code: FLUIDMOTION   https://goo.gl/dWJ5od 


Training Tip of the Month! 

Is your dog losing confidence when doing sends for Chances or Gamblers? Not driving like they used to? 

I love using cones and targets to help give the dog a "visual" for the distance I want my dog to drive out to. I start all my young dogs with driving out to cones, so later in their career, if they start to lose confidence or not driving like they used to I can place a cone out by the obstacle to help give them a strong visual to drive out to. I use LOTS of reinforcement when training distance and lots of targets to help keep my dogs confidence up when working on their distance skills. 

I will cover all this and more during the Intro to Distance class starting June 1st!

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