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 I am working on my 2017 seminar calendar and I have a few dates still open!  I have some weekends available in May and June, as well as August, Sept, and a couple in October. 

If you or your club is interested in hosting a seminar, please email me and we can get some dates worked out! 

I offer Distance and Directionals seminars, as well as Handling/Footwork and Course Analysis. I can also work out custom topics for seminars as well. :-) 

Please check out the Fluid Motion calendar for seminars I have confirmed so far! 

Fluid Motion Calendar Page 

Upcoming Online Classes 

Obstacle Focus Online Class 

I will be teaching a 2 week Obstacle Focus online class Sept 16th - Sept 30th.  This class will show how I teach all of my dog's obstacle focus skills through shaping and exercise drills.  This class will be held through a private Facebook group and will feature written lessons as well as lesson videos. 

Cost:  $20 
Please send payment via Paypal to:   Make sure and note that the payment is for the Obstacle Focus class. Once I receive payment, I will add you to the FB group. 

Intro to Distance - Fenzi Dog Sports 

Starting Oct 1st and running for six weeks, this class will be held through Fenzi Dog Sports. During this class I will be going over my flatwork foundation skills for teaching distance skills. 

Intro to Distance Online Class page 

DIrectionals 101 Online Class - Fenzi Dog Sports 

This class will go over all of the flatwork and foundation skills I use to teach my dogs their directional commands.   More information will be added about this class in the next two weeks.

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