Beds & Blankets

During 2020 I decided I wanted to learn how to knit. I started with making scarves, and then moved on to making blankets for friends and family. Wall-E fell in love with everything I made and I started knitting him dog beds and eventually making fleece blankets he could cuddle with.

After some friends saw what I was making I took a few orders for their dogs and from there I started offering blankets at various dogs trials I went to.

Starting in June, I started offering limited custom orders for knitted beds or fleece blankets, as well as selling ready made ones on this page as they become available. Please email me if you would like to discuss a custom blanket for you or your dog.

**Current custom order wait time, as of July 27th is 5-6 weeks.**

Custom Order Beds – Pricing and Sizes

Hand Knitted Dog Bed

Hand knit dog bed with plush extra thick chenille yarn from BeCozi. Custom beds can be ordered in almost any color and style. Once you have contacted Amanda about a bed, she can work out color, style, and size options with you.

Prices for a knitted bed depend on the size of the bed, and how many colors of yarn. Most beds start around $30

Braided Edge Fleece Blanket

Hand cut and braided edge fleece blanket with plush style fleece. There are multiple different fleece patterns and styles. Once you have contacted Amanda about a blanket, she can go over styles and colors with you.

Dog Throw Blanket – (Roughly 48″, this is a much thinner fleece than the throw blankets) – $25

Plush Throw Blanket (Roughly 36″ x 54″) – $40

Large Throw Blanket – (Roughly 72″ x 54″) $65

Ready to Ship Beds & Blankets

Dog Throw Blanket – Purple Plaid

A thinner style fleece dog throw blanket. This fleece is not as thick, and can be used as a throw or “cuddle” blanket. It is 48″ – Price includes Priority S&H


Custom Blanket Order Form

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