What’s on the menu?


For some time now I have been getting emails asking about what I feed and if I could post my dogs “menu” each day.

I can’t promise a menu each day but I will try and post here at least once a week with what my dogs ate one day during the week.

For the most part this past week my dogs ate raw turkey, chicken, as well as some sardines and oysters.

Each day Nargles and Try eat about 14 ounces of food, ( during trialing season they will eat closer to 16 ounces) I split their meals between breakfast and dinner. When I calculate how much food they are getting I am weighing their carbs and proteins, I do not add their veggies into the weight as they do not really add enough calories to be put into the finals weight.


8 ounces of raw turkey
6 ounces of sweet potatoes

I make a “veggie mush” of various veggies that I run through my food processor, today’s mix had:

Green beans
Yellow squash

I give a heaping tablespoon of the veggie mush in each meal, morning and night.

Each week I also want to add heart and liver to their diet, I usually give about a 1/4 of an ounce of liver every other day. I cut up the heart into cubes, I am honestly not sure how much each piece weighs, I usually add a cube a day to their meals, I am not able to get heart on a regular basis so this changes depending on how much I have.

Try has a whole slew of heart supplements that we won’t go into here, but here are the basic ones I use:

Animal essentials herbal multivitamin – one tablespoon a day ( and this changes depending on what they are eating, but more on that in a later article)

Salmon oil – I am using grizzly salmon oil right now, each dog gets “1 pump” and Try gets about a pump and a half.

Vitamin E – each dog gets 100IU each day

B-complex – 50mg each day

Vitamin C – 50mg each day

Calcium – most of the time I do not need to supplement calcium because my meat is a “grind” that includes bone. When I do supplement calcium I use Animal Essentials calcium and they get a tablespoon each day.

I have extra supplements that I give as well , but we will talk about those in a later article.

As I said I rotate between different proteins, cooked and raw, as well as different carbs and veggies.

In future articles we will be going over my proteins and carbs in detail, as well as more menus!


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