Training with Ally and Trip!

Starting in the next couple of weeks I will begin two different blogs, one will follow Ally’s foundation re-training, engagement training, and impulse control training all the way through to her competing next year.  And the other blog will be following Trip’s agility training progress as he prepares to enter his first trial next year.

Photo taken by Alanna Leach

Ally – Photo taken by Alanna Leach

Each blog will be very different as Trip and Ally are very different dogs, I will be showing their various ups and downs, and how I will address the various bumps in the road we will come across.

Ally’s blog will be covering a lot of the foundation training she did not get as a puppy, I will be going back a few steps, showing how I am addressing some of her reactivity, focus, and impulse control issues. I will be videoing her progress through her foundation training, and how I plan on teaching her equipment and sequencing skills, and still keeping her mind in control and work on her focus skills.

Trip’s blog will be following his training as he prepares for his first trial next year. Unlike Ally, Trip has a solid foundation and has been working on his impulse control and focus since he was 12 weeks old. His blog will cover my training steps as he learns equipment skills

Photo taken by Alanna Leach

Trip – Photo taken by Alanna Leach

and how to sequence obstacles.

Thier blogs will show the good, and they will show the bad. I will be posting videos of some of their training sessions, including the ones that don’t go like we planned.

I am very excited about both of these blogs, I hope that they might help handlers who could be having the same issues with their dogs, and maybe a different approach to addressing issues.

Stay tuned for Training with Ally and the Training with Trip!  Both will be on

Amanda Nelson

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