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Hi Everyone, 396109_4337131745240_1920488830_n

I wanted to post about what I am feeding my girls today, :-D I need to run into town and pick up some more meat grinds, veggies, turkey necks and probably some bones.

So I am running a wee bit low on what to feed Try and Nargles today so we just a quick and easy meal for breakfast and lunch. :-)

This morning they each got the last of the turkey necks (1 each) and then I also gave them:

1/2 a banana each

1/4 of a sweet potato each (the other portion of the potato is for later)

and about a tablespoon of a veggie mix (the last of the mix)

Tonight the got:

1 egg each

the rest of the sweet potato (1/4 each)

And of course they got their supplements split between the two meals. :-D

As you can see that today that didn’t get a huge range of variety and the evening meal isn’t what they would normally get. (see my What’s on the Menu article for their normal daily meal)

But I feel confident in their average daily meals that one day of not having a total “menu” isn’t going to harm them. I remember one day (it had been snowing all week and the roads were terrible) I had no meat whatsoever to feed them, no eggs, no sardines, nothing. I ended up giving them their veggies and some brown rice in the morning and then made my shopping trip into town to pick up supplies, (for us and the dogs!)
so then in the evening they got their meat.

So if you are poking through the fridge and are getting low on ingredients, make what you have work for the day!


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