Just Do It!

About ten years ago or so I decided that I wanted to practice canine massage along with some natural health stuff like herbal therapy and nutrition stuff. For the next 5 years i studied extremely hard, enrolling in multiple classes, both online and on-site. At one point i was enrolled in a massage class, herbal therapy class, homeobotanical class and a nutrition class. And i LOVED it! I love to study and learn new things, i love trying to figure out what combo of herbs/supplements/bodywork would help a dog. In the past 5 years, I slowed down my studying, I finished up all my herbal studies and homeobotanical studies and finished my canine massage classes.

2011 NADAC Championships

I still enrolled in various classes here and there, some nutrition stuff, reflexology stuff, things like that. In the past two years i really focused on canine nutrition, reading every book i could get my hands on, joining various lists and signing up for consults from other canine nutritionists.

I will let you into a little secret about my personality, I am a bit of a perfectionist, I don’t want to offer advice to anyone until i know everything there is to know about the subject.

I always felt very comfortable with my bodywork studies, started offering massages after i finished my massage intro program, but even though I almost love my herbology/nutrition stuff more, I always kept pushing myself with it, never wanting to really offer it until i did this course, and then this one and then…… it was never ending, I wanted to be perfect at it before and know every little thing about it before i would start putting my name out there.

Which in the world of herbs/supplements/nutrition that is pretty dang impossible! There is always something new to learn, a new way of applying something.

I wouldn’t feed my dogs homecooked meals because i wasn’t 110% sure of every little thing i needed to do, I barely mixed my own herbal formulas or made my own tinctures because I needed to know everything about it before I took that step.

Enough though i mixed countless tincture for my classes, made enough different formulas to make my head spin, wild crafted my own herbs and formulated various diets all for school, ( i graduated with honors from all my herbal courses; my teacher loved my formulas and praised me as natural) but before i took that step of offering it to the world i wanted to make sure i had every tiny little thing down.

But with the help of some very good friends who have really boosted my confidence in myself and made me realize, “hey i do know this!” I have started offering my herbal formulas, I am making my own dog food and offering some advice to others about nutrition and finally getting my name out there for something that i truly love with all my soul doing.

In order to learn everything, you have to do it. You can read and study till the cows come home, but putting it into practice is where the education happens.

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