Intro to Distance

I will be teaching my Intro to Distance class through Fenzi Dog Sports for the October term starting Oct 1st! (Registration is open today!)

During this class, I will be going over all of my foundation and flatwork exercises that I use with my dogs to begin teaching their distance skills.

I use cones to help build confidence and speed while I am working on their distance skills. Confidence is a huge part of distance work and in my opinion the most important!  When I want to start teaching my dogs any distance skills, the main thing I am looking for is to build their confidence, and using cones and flatwork helps boost that confidence before we start incorporating distance with obstacles.

Below is an intro video to how I use cones to start teaching distance skills!

Intro to Distance Skills starts on October 1st

Registration opens on September 22nd.

Fenzi Dog Sports – Intro to Distance

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