2018 NADAC Championships - Overview

I am a little late with my wrap up from NADAC Championships, but better late than never! :-) 

I attended the NADAC Champs with Ally in the Starter Stakes Class and Nargles in the Elite Vet class. The event was amazing and as always, tons of fun! I broke down my week with both Nargles and Ally below. :-) 


Jimmy also competed at champs with Trip in the Starter Stakes class, this was his first time in the stakes class and he has an AMAZING week! Trip was the only dog to get a sash in four consecutive rounds, placing 6th overall in a very competitive class! 






This was Ally's first time competing in Starter Stakes and being completely honest I was really worried about her competing in this class and if I was asking too much distance from her. She let me know her thoughts on that right out of the gate, doing absolutely amazing! She handled the distance like a pro and really showed me her confidence and skills.  Words can't express how proud I am of her and I am so excited for her future! Ally ended up placing 4th overall in the Starter Stakes class and earned a total of four sashes. 



I was very unsure Nargles would even be competing at the NADAC Champs this year, she had tendon issues in her elbow that had her on bed rest for most of the year.  She was able to come back and compete, very lightly during the summer and was able to get her points needed for the Elite Vet class. I went in to champs with my only goal that she stayed sound, and that her and I get on the rib


bon board at least once. Not only did she make the ribbon board in every round, but Nargles won the very competitive Elite Vet division! I am beyond proud of my little piggies who laid her heart on the line with every round, she is an amazing little dog and with the help of so many people came back from an injury and laid it all out on the ring with every round. 





I would like to thank my sponsors who supported me all year long and helped keep my dogs strong and healthy!!

Simple Food Project and their amazing food that all of my dogs have been eating for the past year, not only do they look amazing, but I can see the difference in the energy levels and endurance! 

Herbsmith and their fantastic supplements! All of my dogs have been on Athlete and I can see the difference in them, especially Nargles!

Auburn Labs and APF Pro, I have been using this supplement for years and I can never say enough good things about it! Helps keep my dogs balanced mentally, and really helps with Trip and his nervous tummy. 

TotoFit for all of their conditioning equipment, keeping my dogs fit and strong!!  

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