BUllis Creek's Triumph

Purple Achievement Cup - 2014 (She is one of only four dogs to earn this award) 

Gold Achievement Cup - 2014 

Silver Achievement Cup - 2014 

NADAC Superstakes Champion - 2013

Number One Purple and Overall Bonus dog 2012 & 2013 

3rd in the Superstakes Class - 2012 NADAC Championships 

2nd in the All Around class - 2012 NADAC Championships 

Earned 2 NATCH's and 2 Versatility's NATCHs. 

Platinum Speed Star - July of 2012 

Earned her Silver, Gold, and Purple MOD SQUAD

2nd Overall for Highest Number of Purple Bonus Runs - 2011 

4th Overall for Highest Number of Bonus Runs - 2011 

2nd Overall in the Superstakes class and Highest Number of Bonus Points - 2011 NADAC Championships 

Highest Scoring Border Collie in the Superstakes Class - 2011 NADAC Championships 

Highest Number of Bonus Points in the Skilled Vet category - 2010 Championships, Superstakes class 

Amanda and Try earned their first 20 Point Bonus run in May of 2010 

Won the 2008 NADAC Championships in the Skilled 16" division, Try also won the Highest Scoring Skilled Dog in Hoopers award.