Letting Go

In this post I want to talk about a couple of different things. Pressure in the agility world and letting our mistakes go.

For me these two topics go hand in hand. I have a very hard time letting things…


What is a Working Relationship?

If you asked me what the most important aspect of training a dog for agility is, I would tell you without hesatation, foundation and teamwork.

But what does that mean exactly?

When I ask handlers if their dog has a…


What’s on the menu?

For some time now I have been getting emails asking about what I feed and if I could post my dogs “menu” each day.

I can’t promise a menu each day but I will try and post here at least…


The Food Dish

I have gone through many different phases in the past few years in regards to what I feed my dogs, I have fed kibble, canned, dehydrated, freeze dried, raw and home cooked.

I have fed different things for different reasons…


Treats vs. Toys

I use treats for almost all of my training sessions, most all dogs are food motivated, and you can provide a wide variety of exciting treats for your dog.

So why treats over toys?

I am not against toys, and…


Working the Serpentine!

One of the things I love to practice with my dogs are serpentines and 180′s, below are some course samples that I use when I want to practice my serpentines at a distance as well as my weave pole skills…


What makes you happy

Do what makes you happy! That is my motto in agility, training and nutrition. One of my biggest pet peeves, in agility or feeding dogs is people who say ” you have to do it this way”. I am all…


The cost of a reward

In this day and age of agility most all training articles, seminars, workshops etc, talk about which reward to use, treats, toys, or tugging. Some trainers voice that you should only use treats, or you should only use toys; and…


Just Do It!

About ten years ago or so I decided that I wanted to practice canine massage along with some natural health stuff like herbal therapy and nutrition stuff. For the next 5 years i studied extremely hard, enrolling in multiple classes…



People who know me, also know that i LOVE moving waits! Both my dogs Nargles and Try are taught moving waits right at the beginning of their agility career. I use them almost all the time, training and trialing both.


Winter Break

The NADAC Championships are over, I just finished my last seminar and judging assignment for the year, its official, Winter Break has started!


Nargles and Try Winter 2010

Each year after champs i usually have one or two miscellaneous judging…