Feeding the Best

I have been getting quite a few emails about what I am feeding my dogs and some people asking for ideas on what they can add to their dog’s food for variety in their meals.

I am currently rotating my…


The breed to win

Just about a year ago someone asked me how many dogs I have, I replied "I have three Border Collies", the response I received was "Oh. of course you do, that is the kind of breed you need to…

The Story of Ally

Last year, in May, I drove from Idaho to Nebraska to pick up the cutest little tri colored Border Collie puppy I had ever seen. I was beyond excited for her as she is Try’s niece and I wanted another…


A New Year

2013 was a long and difficult year for me personally, many changes happened, and I felt like I had been uprooted and thrown into a blender. In the last few weeks I finally feel like I am starting to pull…


The Long Road

I have taught many seminars over the years, and one thing that each one has in common is the search for the “quick fix”.

Missed contacts, trouble weaving, getting from obstacle #1 to #3. Everyone wants the magical answer to…


Conditioning the Canine Athlete

This class will follow Amanda’s progress with Try and Nargles as she conditions them for the upcoming 2013 trialing season. Amanda will be talking and demoing the exercises she will be doing with both dogs and how to tailor each…


Quick and Easy Day

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to post about what I am feeding my girls today, I need to run into town and pick up some more meat grinds, veggies, turkey necks and probably some bones.

So I am running…


Pressure Points

The game of dog agility is all about pressure, applying pressure to increase distance or to create a turn, or relieving pressure to bring the dog into to you.

In my TEAM Training system I talk a lot about pressure…


Learning to weave again

Playing agility with our dogs is not only physical, but it is also a mental game. In the agility world I don’t think enough attention is paid to our mental game plan when training and competing with our dogs.



Fluid Motion Command Series – Tight

Fluid Motion Command Series – Tight I will be writing a series of articles giving an overview on how I teach my directional commands. In the first of the series I will be discussing how I teach Tight. Tight for…