Fluid Contacts 

I am a big believer in my dogs choosing their path in agility, I want my dogs to always choose what works for them, both physically and mentally. And in my opinion contacts are one of the “big” things that…

Focus on Conditioning! 

Conditioning and fitness is a huge part of my training program with my dogs. When I am working on a skill with my dogs part of the process of teaching that skill is ensuring that my dog is properly conditioned. 

Commitment to Distance – Switch Work 

In this video I am working Trip on some various Switch work with the cone.   

The Switch cue for my dogs means for them to turn away from me. In this video I am working on side switches, and…

The Dogs Choice

Last week I did a live lecture talking about how I teach my foundation for contacts. It was a lot of fun and all my students asked some really great questions!  One of the main questions that kept coming up…

Distance and Drive – Part 1 – Cones 

In Part 1 of the Distance and Drive series, I will be talking about cone work and why I feel it plays a big part in distance training.

What is cone work? 

I start all of my foundation…

Teaching Discriminations

When I begin teaching my dog’s their discrimination I use cones as “markers” to help show my dogs the “ins and outs” of discrimination work.

In the diagram below I show where I place the cones, in this example…

The Choice

Those who have attended seminars with me have heard me say this time and time again;

“If you want distance, your dog must have confidence”


I love distance handling; I love the feeling of having that connection with my dog…

Climbing the Mountain!

I had the chance to film some of my Functional Fitness workouts with Ally that I did a few days ago. In the clips below, Ally is climbing Infinity Mountain with the Toto Fit equipment.

I am in love…

Feeding Homemade Dog Food with Kibble

Dog food can be expensive and confusing, with so many choices between commercial foods or choosing to make your own, the options to feed your dog are endless.

In this blog, I am going to talk about what I…


The Run

The Run. Something every person who competes in agility wants. The amazing feeling of complete connection with your dog, a feeling that every team chases weekend after weekend.

So what is The Run?

The Run is a time where you…


Training with Ally – Starting at the beginning

I picked up Ally as a 7 week old puppy from Nebraska, and two weeks after that my life turned upside down. I was going through emotional issues and I moved to a different state. Ally got stuck in the…