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How to make fermented cabbage



Below is the general recipe I use for making fermented cabbage for my dogs, I started feeding fermented cabbage earlier this year and I see a HUGE difference when using it with my dogs! 

I started with a general fermentation…

What is the answer?

The internet is flooded with so much information on what to feed your dog, from supplements to brands of dog food to do it yourself homemade food. 

So much information that I get lost in the flood! And I have…

Feeding Homemade Dog Food with Kibble

Dog food can be expensive and confusing, with so many choices between commercial foods or choosing to make your own, the options to feed your dog are endless.

In this blog, I am going to talk about what I…


Quick and Easy Day

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to post about what I am feeding my girls today, I need to run into town and pick up some more meat grinds, veggies, turkey necks and probably some bones.

So I am running…