What is Patreon?

I have talked a lot about my Patreon page over on my Facebook page and on the Fluid Motion Instagram page, but what is Patreon?

Patreon itself is a website made for creators, they have made the website very easy to upload content, organize threads, and create all on their website. I have supported creators on Patreon for quite some time and in March I started creating a Fluid Motion Patreon page.

The Fluid Motion Patreon page is a monthly subscription with tiers starting at $10. As soon as you subscribe you have access to every post I have ever published since I started the page in March. You also have full access to my 6 week self study classes, Directionals 101 and Consistent Contacts – Foundations.

Along with that you can watch lessons and lectures from the past Virtual Seminars I have done this year, handling analysis videos, lectures and chats, and reviews of students runs as well as my own.

I have grown to really love my Patreon page as I get to work with students not just for a 6 week class, or a weekend seminar, but for months at a time. Over that time I can help with issues they are having and really dive deep into what needs to be done to address the problem.

I also post lots of unedited training sessions with my own dogs (VIP Tier and higher) and get very personal about struggles I am having with my dogs, or agility. My Patreon group has really become a highlight and I love posting and really diving into content that those in the group wanna see.

If you want more information about Patreon you can check out the main page at www.pateon.com/fluidmotion or you can email me and I would be happy to help!

Published by Amanda Nelson

I provide agility training, and coaching online and in-person. I also run a blog and vlog about agility training and canine wellness.

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