What is Patreon?

I have talked a lot about my Patreon page over on my Facebook page and on the Fluid Motion Instagram page, but what is Patreon?

Patreon itself is a website made for creators, they have made the website very easy to upload content, organize threads, and create all on their website. I have supported creators on Patreon for quite some time and in March I started creating a Fluid Motion Patreon page.

The Fluid Motion Patreon page is a monthly subscription with tiers starting at $10. As soon as you subscribe you have access to every post I have ever published since I started the page in March. You also have full access to my 6 week self study classes, Directionals 101 and Consistent Contacts – Foundations.

Along with that you can watch lessons and lectures from the past Virtual Seminars I have done this year, handling analysis videos, lectures and chats, and reviews of students runs as well as my own.

I have grown to really love my Patreon page as I get to work with students not just for a 6 week class, or a weekend seminar, but for months at a time. Over that time I can help with issues they are having and really dive deep into what needs to be done to address the problem.

I also post lots of unedited training sessions with my own dogs (VIP Tier and higher) and get very personal about struggles I am having with my dogs, or agility. My Patreon group has really become a highlight and I love posting and really diving into content that those in the group wanna see.

If you want more information about Patreon you can check out the main page at www.pateon.com/fluidmotion or you can email me and I would be happy to help!

Published by Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson is well known for her distance handling skills, and she has been traveling the country and teaching seminars for 20+ years. She has traveled around the world to Australia, Japan, Netherlands, England, Switzerland and the Philippines teaching all levels of agility, with nearly all dog breeds. Amanda focuses on teaching teamwork as well as how to create a strong connection between dog and handler. She works with all styles of handling, from running with your dog to distance handling. Amanda tailors each training session, large or small, to the dog and handler to help bring out the best in the team. Her training techniques consist of a large amounts of targeting, food rewards, and toy rewards. Creating a fun learning environment for the dog encourages a fast, fun, and motivated dog in the agility ring. Amanda uses a combination of Upper Body Cues, Lower Body Cues, and Verbal Cues. This system was derived from the natural cues that most dogs read and pick up quickly. Handlers are taught how to use all of these cues, together, to create a customized handling system that can be tailored to their unique dog. All of these techniques have resulted in Amanda earning numerous titles with her dogs including the MOD SQUAD award, Purple Achievement Cup, and over 40 NADAC Championship titles. She has won the NADAC Championships multiple times, including winning the Super Stakes and Starter Stakes division. She has also been Top Bonus Dog, Top Purple Dog, and Top Dog of the Year several times in NADAC.

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